Why Enterprise?

       √  Thoroughly analyze high content data sets
       √  Streamline high-throughput analysis
       √  Integrate good data management practices
       √  Increase speed, performance and discovery
       √  Maximize the value of your research investment

Top 10 Advantages to Choosing Enterprise 

       1. Builds on familiar FlowJo v10 interface
       2. Customized workflows for specific endpoints
       3. Automated analysis direct from cytometer
       4. R-based tools for data visualization
       5. Database and LIMS integration
       6. Meta-analysis across entire studies
       7. Reduced analysis time and redundancy
       8. High fidelity data transfer and annotation
       9. Link raw data, methods and reports
       10. QC/QA for data management and analysis

Eliminate the Bottleneck

FlowJo Enterprise combines cutting-edge high performance computing with automated data upload and protocol workflows, resulting in an integrated, standardized analysis pipeline.

Focus on biologically relevant ‘hits’ in high-content data

The pipeline begins with 4thWall software routing data from cytometer acquisition software to a cloud or server-based repository.

Enterprise then takes over using multiple high-speed calculation engines proximal to the stored data, conditionally executing analysis templates and protocols to generate relevant reports for specific study endpoints.


Academic Research
Clinical Research
Q. Have an enormous
amount of data?

A. Enterprise makes large data
manageable by automating
data analysis through using
customizable protocols.
Q. Have high content files?

A. Enterprise has ultra-high
performance calculation engines
installed for processing high
content data.
Q. Need to track users,
data or derivatives?

A. Enterprise tracks all user
actions from data upload to
analysis and reporting.
You can link data and analysis
to users and their hardware.
Q. Need to find correlates
across an entire project?

A. Enterprise uses FlowJo’s statistical
tools and third–party algorithms to
generate a “full statistical spectrum”
report. Results can then be integrated
into any database or Lab Information
Management System.
Q. Need to manipulate your
data several different ways?

A. Enterprise uses modified
templates to integrate any
third–party algorithm, whether
it exists in the public domain
or you create it yourself.
Q. Need push-button

A. Enterprise is configured to
run automatically from data
acquisition to report generation.
You don’t have to touch anything.
Q. Need automatic
data handling?

A. Automatically upload data files
with 4thWall when they are
placed in the “upload” folder.
No more manual upload of data
or associated files.
Q. Need 3rd-party
algorithms incorporated
into your analysis?

A. Enterprise uses a plug-in
architecture to call any algorithm
you desire and incorporate it into
your experimental analysis.
Q. Need data security?

A. Enterprise uses SSL,
authorization and authentication
privileges so you have complete
control over who has access to
data and derivatives.

To learn more about FlowJo Enterprise, please contact us at Enterprise@flowjo.com and explore our documentation.