With most analysis and sorting experiments run at a core facility far from where the data is analyzed in the lab, data management is key challenge for scientists.  Enhancing the quality control and and easing the burden of data transfer for all scientists is the goal of a new application named 4thWall, named after the imaginary “wall” at the front of a stage through which the audience views a play.  

4thWall as a “standalone” application:

  • Uses file fidelity checks and a shipping manifest to ensure high-fidelity data transfer to a central repository, server, or cloud storage.  

  • Has the ability to automate data transfer from the point of acquisition, and package other run-associated files (e.g. screenshots from sorting acquisition).

  • Brings good laboratory practice (GLP) standards to data management, or as we like to refer to it, good data management practices (GDMP).

In combination with FlowJo Server, 4thWall:

  • Facilitates annotation and cataloguing (which is just as important as the data itself) to enable file and result querying, data sharing, and linking to other data types.

  • Allows the assignment of a data set to a pipeline for analysis, so that reports and workspaces are executed immediately upon data transfer.  

To speak with someone  about what 4thWall can do for your laboratory and facility, please email enterprise@flowjo.com.   To learn more about 4thWall, please visit our Enterprise web documentation site.