Recommended Requirements:
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*Note: Linux support currently in development
-We currently support 64bit Linux using Ubuntu and most Debian derivatives
• x86 or x64 dual core processor
• Oracle Java Runtime Environment 6
• USB port (dongle option)
• Network adapter for an off-line serial number
• Network adapter and an Internet connection for Site License serial number.
-To see which type to download:
Right-click My Computer > Properties
• 16GB RAM
• Intel i7 quad core processor
• Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
New features:
• FlowJo is now available for LINUX.
• Two-dimensional range gates
• Bifurgate Tool
• Offset quadrants
Layout Editor:
• New sidebar for quickly editing the properties of a selected chart or object
• New Visualizations for Plate-based data including whole-plate heatmapping and Chernoff faces
Plate Editor :
• An entirely new platform for annotating, grouping, and organizing plate-based flow cytometry data including new tools for:
• Plate Annotation
• Using a CSV file for rapid plate annotation
• Titrations
• Unified platform for Univariate and Bivariate cell cycle analysis , with improved, automated cell cycle gate creation.
• Improved Experiment Annotation tool for MIFlowCyt annotation of experiments, included in the new Experiment band.
• Icon improvement in the workspace.
• Transforms are now saved with templates which preserves gating geometry and allows for the automated application of both transforms and gates.
Script Editor:
• A new platform which provides low level access to the core tools of the FlowJo engine.