Recommended Requirements:
Current Version
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• x86 or x64 dual core processor
• Windows Vista
• Oracle Java Runtime Environment 6 (bundled with download)
• USB port (dongle option)
• Network adapter for an off-line serial number
• Network adapter and an Internet connection for Site License serial number.
To see which type to download:
Right-click My Computer > Properties
• 16GB RAM
• Intel i7 quad core processor
• Windows 10

Note: This version of FlowJo is compatible with FlowJo Enterprise v2.0 or the newly released FlowJo Enterprise 2.1. Be sure your version of FlowJo Enterprise is new enough before installing this version of FlowJo.

FlowJo can now use plugins that can perform a variety of functions, including the creation of populations, creation of derived parameters, and actions when opening or saving a workspace.

The open plugin architecture of 10.2 allows access to cutting edge tools that can be integrated into your current analysis workflows, and we will be releasing developer documentation so any tool can be integrated into FlowJo.

FlowJo 10.2 includes a set of tools for discovery including downsampling, tSNE and CellOntology. You'll find these as 'plugins' in the populations band -- each offers one-click access to powerful tools to reduce any number of parameters to two and to query a database to name unknown populations.

New Features:
• Increased the number of parameters that FlowJo can analyze to 1000
• Added a field to allow specification of R's path in prefs (Diagnostic Panel)
• Better interface for Licensing Preferences Panel in the case where a computer has many hardware addresses.
• Updated EULA to raise the awareness of the fact that you may not install FlowJo on a VM.
• Unchecked 'Display other X/Y parameters than in parent plot' as default in Gates Preferences
• Removed the option to downsample when concatenating files. (Downsample before you concatenate if desired.)

Full Release Notes

To download Legacy Versions of FlowJo, click Here.