A Site License is a network based licensing system for institutions with at least 10
computers that run FlowJo. It is billed annually based on quarterly registration and
is the most cost effective way to license many computers.



How a FLS license works:

  • A simple web page allows users to register their computer to use FlowJo. (FlowJo Licensing Server requires an internet connection.)

  • A FlowJo FLS license requires a person at the institution to be designated as an administrator. (The administrator controls which computers can use FlowJo.)

Dongle Trade-Ins:

Purchased dongles may be traded in for site license credit at the time of site license creation.  At trade-in, up to 10 Version X or newer dongles may be traded if for

  • $500 credit per dongle (academic)
  • $750 credit per dongle (commercial).

  • For a trade-in of more than 10 dongles, we will discuss trade-in options with you individually, and work with you to determine your licensing and training needs.

* Free dongles received as part of the buy two get the third free sale are not eligible to be traded in for site license credit.

For more information please contact:

Jasper Katz
Phone: 541-201-0022
Toll Free: 800-366-6045 ext.179

For FLS Pricing, click Here.