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Why Upgrade to the Newest Version?

FlowJo is a leader in state-of-the-art flow cytometry analysis software. Now with a new, more
intuitive interface throughout. Our patented, hierarchical display, quick drag-and-drop cluster
manipulation, and flexible batch processing have all been optimized to offer the user a more
fluid, interactive experience.  To see all of the new features in version 10, we encourage you to visit

• Customizable, intuitive workspace
• Rapid batch analysis
• Enhanced performance
• Publication-quality graphs
• Multilingual
• One-click undo

New Cytometry Tools:
• Automated compensation
• Sample quality assessment
• Cytometer specific preferences
• Heat map & expected range
• Time series, correlation plots, 3D
plots of your tables
• Command line script execution
• Remote file management and access
• 21 CFR 11 & designed for 21 CFR
820 compliance
• Search and Replace FCS keywords
• Multiple style and font text boxes
• Documentation on YouTube
• Editable menu lists
• Ribbons
• Panel Design Wizard
• Layout editor – enhanced features