The Daily Dongle
  • Need To Analyze Your Single-Cell RNASeq Data?

    Having trouble analyzing your single-cell RNAseq data? File formats got you bogged down? Get away from the format wars- SeqGeq can import just about any gene expression file. CSV, TSV, TXT, TAB, MTX, or H5 (AKA HDF5 from 10X Genomics) are just some of the growing number of file formats that SeqGeq currently reads

    Jul 02, 2018   |   scRNA-Seq

  • Mission Critical: FlowJo Envoy

    Post-doc’s experience around data generation, use and curation.

    Oct 08, 2017   |   scRNA-Seq ,   Flow Cytometry

  • FlowJo® in the Clinical Workflow

    FlowJo, LLC has created a suite of products that enable ease, efficiency and standardization in the clinical flow cytometry laboratory, from sample collection through final report.

    Oct 08, 2017   |   Flow Cytometry