The Daily Dongle
  • FlowJo® in the Clinical Workflow

    FlowJo, LLC has created a suite of products that enable ease, efficiency and standardization in the clinical flow cytometry laboratory, from sample collection through final report.

    Oct 08, 2017   |   Flow Cytometry

  • Dimensionality Reduction with the t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (tSNE) Algorithm

    The tSNE algorithm computes two new derived parameters from a user-defined selection of cytometric parameters. These tSNE-generated parameters are optimized in such a way that data points that were close together in the raw high-dimensional data remain close together in the reduced data space.

    Aug 03, 2017   |   scRNA-Seq ,   Flow Cytometry

  • Calculating the Number of Molecules on Cells Using FlowJo v10

    Measuring the fluorescence intensity of cells and particles is routine and the basis of the vast majority of inquiry in flow cytometry. Considering that fluorescence intensity is correlated with molecules on the surface of the cell, can the relationship between the two be quantified? If so, how can we use that relationship to calculate the number of molecules on the surface of a cell in a given experiment?

    Aug 03, 2017   |   Flow Cytometry