SeqGeq v1.6 is Here!

SeqGeq v1.6 is Here!

SeqGeq v1.6 is the latest in bioinformatics platforms available from the team at BD Life Sciences. This update contains new features which support the analysis of bulk sequencing datasets.


Mouse-over information from Differential Expression Analysis added as annotations in GeneView plot within the Layout Editor.

Requests to improve plot resolution have been heard! SeqGeq now has options to customize the resolution of plots, change the shape of dots in plots, and adjust their sizes as well—even on a layer by layer basis in dot plot overlays. This uncovers some really beautiful new possibilities for figure generation.


Overlay of doublets and a rare cell subset on total Murine PBMCs from BD™ AbSeq in SeqGeq v1.6 using new high-resolution figure with different dot shapes and sizes.

These are just a few of the many improvements available in SeqGeq v1.6

To learn more:

Download SeqGeq v1.6

For more details on features in this release, visit the full release notes.

Sep 25, 2019   |   scRNA-Seq