Population Comparison Platform

Compare Your Populations with Ease, Using the Population Comparison Tool

The population comparison platform is an easy way to generate some more complex statistics not available within the statistics menu within FlowJo’s workspace: Overton Subtraction, Chi Squared t-Tests, Super-Enhanced Dmax Subtraction, and Kolmogorav-Smirnov statistics are all readily available there.

Use this tool to compare a particular population against one or more other specific populations in FlowJo’s workspace (usually against a control population). The process is very simple: First, within your analysis, select the population of interest. Next, from the Biology band in the Tools tab of FlowJo’s workspace, add the Population Comparison node to the target. Finally, drag and drop the control population(s) to compare with at the top of the Population Comparison dialog.


Figure 1. Population Comparison dialog.

The Population Comparison node can be applied to group-owned populations in the same way longtime FlowJo users are accustomed to. Whatever control populations were added to the node prior to group application are the same populations that will be compared across the group’s samples. You can also drag the group-owned Population Comparison node into FlowJo’s table editor to quickly and easily export all the statistics generated within this platform for all of the samples in your group.

You can find a comprehensive overview regarding all aspects of the platform in the manual pages available here:


As always, if you run into trouble and have further questions we encourage you to write to techsupport@flowjo.com for help.