Batching and Iteration

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Hi everyone, my name is Christoph Freier. I'm an Applications Scientist working with FlowJo and today I want to present you how to use the batching tool and the activation tool we both have in the layout editor.

Basically, once you are happy with your gating strategy, like me with the examples here in my workspace, you want to have a look at all of them, but you do not want to open them one by one. If you want to save some time, just open your layout editor, drag and drop the population you want to have a look at. I'll collect the CD8 positive cells and I want to see if they're producing or not interferon.

The first thing I want do is to remove that annotation and then put something which is based in keywords so that is that dynamic then. I will select two of them which are important for me. The sample ID, which helps me to know which patient I'm looking at and then something which is really important, in my case, it's the stimulation condition. I have four stimulation conditions per patient and I want that to be displayed.

I might want to remove that line to enlarge the text and now it looks really nice. Before I hit the batch button, I want to select rows and down and I'll tell you have four conditions. I'll put a four and then I hit the button.

FlowJo will create me a new layout with all my patients, so LD1, LD2, LD4 and so on and all my conditions, non-stimulated, other short stimulation and after some time, 2 hour stimulation, I clearly see that in all my patients, interferons being produced among that CD8 positive population.

If I want to print that, the best thing to do is to go back, select printer and hit the batching button. You do not have to select any other options because FlowJo will ask you after the job is done, how many figures do you want per page, in that case, might want to select two and two, so I have one patient per page. I can directly print that or save it as a .pdf.

If now, the last thing, I want to compare more than one condition per figure. I can select again my CD8 population and now will display an instagram and then I'll select all other conditions for that patient and I see ... No, I do not clearly see, so let me change that. We'll select half of that. I clearly see, after two hours stimulation or more interferon has been produced, but I cannot hit the batching button, since I have more than one sample on that figure. I'll have to use a duration. I can do that per panel. I know I have four samples of patients, so if I put four, I can jump to the next patient and the next and have a look at them.

The other option is to do that by keyword, so I have to select two of them. The first one has to be the same on that figure, that is not changing is the patient name. The second one has to be the condition which is changing the stimulation, so then I can jump to whatever patient I want to have a look at.

Hopefully it was helpful and I will help you move forward with your research.