FlowJo Envoy is our novel, cloud-based web platform that facilitates project planning, communication and data management. 

The platform monitors real-time progress of projects and experiments right down to the individual experiment steps. You can post protocols, SOPs, data, and assign individuals or instruments to any given step, all within an intuitive dashboard. In-app notifications and automated emails alert your team of collaborators about their turn in sequence to complete a step, notify you about a problem, information request, or any other data-related questions or commentary.



FlowJo Envoy: 

  • Provides a structured, centralized environment for data storage and communication. 
  • Allows protocol and SOP assignment to experiment steps. 
  • Facilitates real-time project coordination via progress dashboards. 
  • Uses automated email notifications and In-app notifications to communicate with all members working on a project. 
  • Is cloud-based; data are accessible from any computer.


USA: 800-366-6045