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When you imagine where you want your research to go, rest assured, FlowJo is working on ways to help you get there. We are constantly innovating and collaborating with industry experts to ensure our plugin upgrades help your research stay ahead of the curve.*

Recent releases:

FitSNE: Fast Fourier Transform-accelerated Interpolation-based t-SNE, aka “FitSNE”. A new dimensionality reduction algorithm based on the tSNE method, this plugin runs with both FlowJo and SeqGeq. The new technique improves speed and performance of the tSNE mapping calculations. Developed by Linderman et. al.

FlowSOM: A clustering and visualization technique that analyzes data using self-organizing maps.

ViolinBoxPlots: This tool allows users to generate violin plots and box and whisker plots for multiple parameters and in comparison between populations using R libraries.

PhenoGraph: A clustering algorithm that automatically groups data into subpopulations, and was developed by J. Levine et al.

BD Index Sorting: A robust tool for automatically gating wells in index sorted data from BD's cell sorters the FACSAria and FACSMelody.

UMAP: Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (UMAP) is a machine learning algorithm used for dimensionality reduction to visualize high parameter datasets in a two dimensional space, an alternative to the very popular and widely used tSNE algorithm. The bioinformatics tool was developed by McInnes and Healy.

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*Plugins extend the functionality and power of FlowJo, which may be developed by 3rd-party developers or by our team.