Behind the next discovery, paper, or cure are life scientists and researchers, and we are their biggest fans. We are passionate about building tools for researchers and helping them get from data to results, one cell at a time.

Proud of our Solutions

FlowJo® is the leading analysis platform for single-cell flow cytometry analysis.
SeqGeq® (SEEK-GEEK) helps you extract insight from the individuality of single-cell gene expression.
FlowJo Envoy makes coordinating the projects and people within your lab as easy as dragging a gate in FlowJo®.

FlowJo University

FlowJo, LLC is committed to providing users support and training for their journey from curiosity to discovery, and FlowJo University is a hub for free introductory and advanced online resources. 

Mission Critical: FlowJo Envoy

Post-doc’s experience around data generation, use and curation.

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FlowJo® in the Clinical Workflow

FlowJo, LLC has created a suite of products that enable ease, efficiency and standardization in the clinical flow cytometry laboratory, from sample collection through final report.

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Shares an obsession with single cell science as the basic unit of disease.
Committed to helping scientists apply their genius in the laboratory.
Improves the human condition and ecosystem by translating curiosity into discovery.