Introducing FlowJo Portal

FlowJo Portal is our user-based licensing system for
FlowJo and SeqGeq subscriptions.

Click here for FlowJo Portal Documentation

Not only are you able to sign in to our solutions through FlowJo Portal but you can also use it to:

  • Request trials
  • Purchase subscriptions
  • Access documentation
  • Schedule free demos
  • Utilize free educational resources
  • Manage users with improved administrative tools
Perpetual License (Dongle or Serial Number)
Upgrades to the latest version not included
No online account management features
Computer hardware bound license
Annual Subscription through FlowJo Portal
Automatic access to the latest version
Flexible user-based account
One account to access FlowJo™ and SeqGeq™ subscription licenses

For more information please contact

Phone: 1-541-201-0022

Toll Free: 800-366-6045

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can multiple people share one FlowJo Portal account and/or license?

Per our EULA, FlowJo Portal accounts are user-specific and are not to be shared. Each individual license or seat in a group license is assigned to a user’s unique Portal account. Each user is allotted (4) authorized devices – four different machines on which to use FlowJo – one at a time. This is designed to offer the user flexibility. If additional users wish to have access to FlowJo, send a request over to  for additional licenses.

Do you offer Dongle trade-in credit? If so, what is the Dongle trade-in credit?

We do offer dongle trade-in credit that requires that you return or destroy your Dongle upon switching to an annual subscription license.

Two FlowJo annual subscriptions per Dongle if your Dongle was purchased within the last two years.

$500 (academic) / $700 (commercial) credit if your v10 Dongle is 2+ years old.

$250 credit if your Dongle is a version 7/8 Dongle and does not allow access to v10.

What is the price of an annual subscription for FlowJo or SeqGeq?

To receive a quote for your region and institution type, please contact or fill out the quote request form.

What browsers are recommended?

We highly recommend using Google Chrome.

Does it matter if you use PC or Mac?

No, but you will need to confirm that your computer meets the requirements (FlowJo, SeqGeq) to run the solution you’re pursuing.

Do you offer any discounts if we buy more than one license at the same time?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts and group licensing options. Please contact or call 800-366-6045 for more information.

Do you have any free trial offers?

Yes, please visit the product pages of FlowJo and SeqGeq to get a free trial.

Will I have immediate access when I purchase a license through the FlowJo Portal?

Once you create a FlowJo Portal account and your license is activated, you can download your purchased solution and sign in using your FlowJo Portal username and password.