Additional Policies


  1. Quotes are valid for 30 days from creation unless otherwise communicated in writing.

Return Goods and Refunds Policy

  1. Except for licenses that use offline serial numbers, FlowJo offers a 30-day return policy from the invoice date. If you request a return within this 30-day window, we will refund your order in full, minus shipping costs and transaction (wire transfer and credit card) fees. If it has been more than 30 days since the date of our invoice, we do not offer a refund. FlowJo, LLC does not offer refunds for unused seats on a group license.
  2. FlowJo, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Becton Dickinson and Company. For BD (Becton Dickinson) direct purchases, please contact your local BD team.
  3. For payments made by credit card, the refund will be issued to the card which made the payment. If payment was made by Wire Transfer or Check, FlowJo can refund payment by Wire Transfer or Check. Wire transfer and credit card fees will be charged to the customer for refunded payments
  4. Dongle (USB): If the dongle has already been shipped, it is the responsibility of the customer to return the dongle(s) to FlowJo via the customer’s preferred shipping method and no refund will be issued until FlowJo has received the dongle(s). Shipping costs for the return shipment are the responsibility of the customer.
  5. Return shipping address below:
    1. FlowJo LLC 385 Williamson Way Ashland, Oregon 97520
  6. FlowJo Portal: Upon cancellation of the order, you will lose access to your FlowJo Portal License immediately.
  7. Offline Serial Number: We do not allow licenses that use offline serial numbers to be returned.
  8. Duplicate Payments: Duplicate payments will be refunded, minus applicable wire transfer and credit card fees.
  9. Process for refunds: please fill out the form below:
    2. Post form submission, you will be contacted by a FlowJo representative within 2 business days to review your request for refund.


  1. FlowJo, LLC is not responsible for payment of customs, duties, taxes and other charges in connection with USB dongle shipments.
  2. General shipping methods:
    Domestic Shipping (US) - FlowJo ships Dongles licensing via 2-day FEDEX
    International Shipping (Europe) - FlowJo ships Dongles via FEDEX International Priority
  3. There are no guarantees on delivery times, since shipping variables are often out of our control 

Prepayment Policy

  1. FlowJo, LLC requires prepayment or a purchase order to activate or ship licenses. If the customer submits a purchase order to FlowJo, LLC, FlowJo will process the order and submit an invoice to the customer. Payment of the PO (Purchase Orders) is required 30 days after FlowJo’s invoice creation date unless other terms are agreed to in writing.

FlowJo Portal – License Extension and Individual User License Replacement Policy

  1. FlowJo, LLC is not required to change or extend subscription license periods free of charge; this includes:
    1. Licenses that customers did not use,
    2. Licenses where customers failed to renew their annual subscription prior to expiration.
  2. For Individual FlowJo Portal licenses, FlowJo, LLC will change authorized users once annually if the original user has left the organization. To request a one-time change, contact

FlowJo Portal – Authorized Devices Policy 

  1. A FlowJo Portal license allows a user to access FlowJo on up to 4 computers, one at a time. Each computer used to access FlowJo Software is automatically added as an authorized device. A user can remove up to 4 authorized devices annually, allowing the user to have a new set of 4 computers.
    1. Group License - Device removals reset annually based on the date that the user joined the group license. Group license admins will be able to view this date in FlowJo Portal.
    2. Individual License – Device removals reset annually based on the date the individual license was created (start date). You can review your license start date by logging into your FlowJo Portal account.

FlowJo Portal – Shared Computer Policy 

  1. Shared Computer licenses are only available for FlowJo Portal group licenses of 11 seats or more and must make up 10% or less of the group total seat count. Users utilizing Share Computer Licenses to access the software must log in with an email address containing a whitelisted email suffix.

EULA Review and Modification Policy

  1. Other than as provided below, proposed modifications to the FlowJo EULA, SeqGeq EULA, FlowJo Portal EULA, or FlowJo Portal Group License Agreement will only be considered for FlowJo Portal group licenses of 11 or mores seats, if at all. We do not allow revisions to our EULA for individual FlowJo Portal license owners, <11 seat group licenses, dongle owners or serial number owners.
  2. Sections of our FlowJo EULA, SeqGeq EULA, FlowJo Portal EULA or FlowJo Portal Group License Agreement that require revision in order to comply with laws applicable to a customer may be reviewed per state requirements.
  3. FlowJo may accept or reject proposals for revision in its sole discretion.

FlowJo Virtual Machine (VM) Addendum Policy 

  1. You may not install, copy, or use the Software on a virtual machine without a signed agreement between you and FlowJo, LLC.
  2. Virtual machine agreements will only be signed for FlowJo Portal Group License holders.
  3. FlowJo provides no guarantees on virtual machine setup, provides no warranties nor accepts liabilities for any issues running the FlowJo software on a virtual machine.
  4. FlowJo may in its sole discretion offer reasonable technical support for the software while running on a virtual machine but will not be responsible for helping resolve technical issues in setting up the virtual machine environment.

Processing of additional seat orders

  1. FlowJo creates additional seat quotes based on the quote request date. If a customer is paying by PO, Wire or Check and the payment or PO is processed later then the quote date, we do not offer a refund, discount or credit for the days lost between the quote date and order processing date.

FlowJo Portal Group License Renewals for fewer seats than previous year

  1. If a FlowJo Portal group license customer decreases the number of seats on their group license for their annual renewal, FlowJo will request that the admin reduces the number of seats to be below or match the renewed seat count by the current term expiration date. If the admin does not reduce the seat count by the expiration date, FlowJo will deactivate seats for the admin. FlowJo will deactivate the seats based on the earliest “Last Used” date. Post deactivation of the seats, FlowJo will reduce the seat count for the FlowJo Portal Group License.