A comprehensive ecosystem for research flow cytometry experiments that helps you collaborate with your colleagues, organize your projects, and control your experiments, all in one tool.
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Introducing BD® Research Cloud!

BD® Research Cloud (BD RC), built by the creators of FlowJo™ Software, helps you organize your flow cytometry projects, gain visibility and control of your experiments, and quickly and easily collaborate with your colleagues. As an online ecosystem for flow cytometry, BD RC allows you to:

• Design and customize lab workflows to define experiments

• Collaborate and manage the work of the laboratory

• Store and share instrument configurations for panel design

• Design and purchase flow cytometry panels

• Create BD FACSDiva™ Software experiments away from the cytometer

• Open analysis files directly in FlowJo™ Software

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Facilitating your collaboration, workflow management and tracking for flow cytometry experiments

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Features and Benefits

Increase collaboration

Share data more easily

Better organize your lab and data

Grow your lab's potential


Don't waste time. Collaborate quickly and easily with colleagues.

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Store and share your data

By using BD® Research Cloud to collaborate on your analysis, you can avoid emailing FCS files and FlowJo Workspaces that fill up your inbox. Store and share your data through organized projects with a specific set of users in a secure, cloud-based ecosystem. Then, open the files directly in FlowJo™ Software and save them back to BD RC so that everyone has access to the latest version. 

All of the data storing and sharing can happen in the context of the experiment, where you can capture relevant metadata, such as who accomplished which steps of the experiment, define custom required fields and uploaded standard operating procedure documents.

Seamless software integration

BD® Research Cloud helps you move from hypothesis to panel design, from panel design to cytometer, and from cytometer to analysis software more easily. Design your panel using the Reagent Selector workflow, then conveniently pull the label information into your experiment by creating a BD FACSDiva™ software experiment file. After acquisition, upload your data and automatically create a workspace file, then open your WSP on your laptop.

Safe and secure collaboration

Your research is protected! BD RC is a safe and secure system that utilizes cloud data storage with Amazon Web Services. Determine who has access to what with Administrator approved invites, role based access controls, and convenient group and project structures. Your research is important, and BD® Research Cloud treats it as such.

Reimagine how you work.

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