Do more with your existing BD® Research Cloud license and upgrade to get more for your lab.

Leverage your existing FlowJo Portal accounts and upgrade BD® Research Cloud to get more for your lab. To add seats to existing BD® Research Cloud licenses and upgrade to a Professional or Premium group license, contact

With a Professional or Premium license, you get access to time saving and organizational features:

  • Automatically recurring workflows – Do you have a task that needs to be completed everyday or every week in your lab? Set up a recurring workflow to capture the completion details and conveniently track each instance of the workflow.

  • Reagent inventory management – Ditch your unorganized spreadsheet and track your reagent inventory with a tool built for flow cytometry antibodies. Organize by group, track expiration, location, the number of vials, and more, with all changes captured in the audit log.

  • Antibody titer management – Antibody titration in flow cytometry is critical for quality experimental results, and BD RC makes it easy to keep track of your titration data and the titers. Capture the staining conditions and the dilution for multiple titers and link to the FCS files you used for calculation for your lab mates to review.

  • Share files outside your organization – Easily and conveniently share files with others for a specific time period to facilitate your collaboration without worrying about email inbox space. Users you are sharing with can use a free Individual or Essentials BD® Research Cloud license to access the files.