Latest updates in BD® Research Cloud!

Reimagine how you work.

Take a look at the new features available with the latest release of BD RC:

  • New homepage to easily navigate through the app

  • Guided workflow to design integrated imaging and spectral panels for your BD FACSDiscover™ S8 Cell Sorter

  • Similarity, complexity, spectral signature graphs and a unique spectral signature heat map for panels on BD spectral cytometers

  • New mobile version with reagent barcode scanning for easy inventory addition and lookup

  • Staining sheets to help you create easy-to-follow staining procedures, complete with volume per sample and master mix calculations

  • Ability to upload FCS and CVW files to BD RC and convert CVWs to TIFFs for image analysis in FlowJo™ Software

  • New ordering options including wish lists within BD RC and integration with Shopping Lists for Punchout users

  • And many other enhancements!

For more details, view the Release Notes

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