Latest updates in BD® Research Cloud!

You asked, we listened! We have added new capabilities and features based on your feedback to make BD® Research Cloud even better!

What's new: 

  • New ability to define default settings for your experiment. Each cytometer can have a set of default PMT voltages which can be exported for use in BD FACSDiva™ Software. This way, you can be closer to your experiment’s starting voltage.

  • New Titration tracking in reagent inventory details. It will allow you to track multiple titers for each antibody vial and capture the unique experimental variables for each titer. Titration tracking is available for users with a Premium License.

  • Non-antibody reagents are shown in the BD reagents tab. Available to be tracked in your reagent inventory for users with a Premium License.

  • Default group and projects.  

  • Updated Experiments resource with:

    • A new cytometers details tab to capture the details of the cytometer you’re designing the experiment for

    • The ability to remove or include unused parameters in your BD FACSDiva™ Software acquisition experiment

    • The Labels and Keywords tabs better accommodate longer sample names and values

  • The Panels Resource now includes a library of OMIPs linked to their publications. Use this section to review panels created by other scientists, start your panel design workflow from their foundation, or order reagents for these panels.

For more details, view the Release Notes

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