FlowJo® is the leading analysis platform for single-cell flow cytometry analysis. 

With an intuitive interface, specialized analysis platforms, and open-ended plugin architecture, FlowJo® provides a rich analysis environment that is easy to use, versatile and extensible. 

The FlowJo® workspace is a powerful statistical environment that is used for immunophenotyping, cell cycle, proliferation, kinetics studies, quantitative population comparison, or plate screening assays to name a few.

Options For FlowJo® Licensing


Works like a mobile serial number. Dongles plug into USB ports on Macs and/or PCs and can be used at multiple workstations (one at a time)

FlowJo Portal Account

With FlowJo v10.5, you can now purchase and manage your license through the FlowJo Portal. Once you create your free account, you can use your FlowJo Portal ID to sign in to FlowJo anywhere, at any computer—no dongle or hardware address required. Learn how you can ditch the Dongle here!

FlowJo® Licensing Server (FLS)

Cost effective and a great option for institutions and labs with ten or more users. Set up an account, register users, use a single serial number. 


  • New Basic Tutorial available for download for v10
  • FlowJo® is available for download on Mac and Windows

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Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of FlowJo v10.5.3!

  • New native tSNE Platform now offers super high performance dimensionality reduction. 
  • Bug fixes