FlowJo® is the leading analysis platform for single-cell flow cytometry analysis. 

With an intuitive interface, specialized analysis platforms, and open-ended plugin architecture, FlowJo® provides a rich analysis environment that is easy to use, versatile and extensible. 

The FlowJo® workspace is a powerful statistical environment that is used for immunophenotyping, cell cycle, proliferation, kinetics studies, quantitative population comparison, or plate screening assays to name a few.

Options For FlowJo® Licensing


Works like a mobile serial number. Dongles plug into USB ports on Macs and/or PCs and can be used at multiple workstations (one at a time)

Serial License

Used for a single computer only. This is a good option for labs with a permanent workstation and users who don't want to worry about losing a dongle or who have one workstation they will be using for analysis.

FlowJo® Licensing Server (FLS)

Cost effective and a great option for institutions and labs with ten or more users. Set up an account, register users, use a single serial number. 


  • New Basic Tutorial available for download for v10
  • FlowJo® is available for download on Mac and Windows

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Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of FlowJo v10.4.2!

  • FlowJo icons on high resolution monitors now correctly sized.
  • FACSLyric data now gets its own badge in FlowJo’s Cytometers preferences, and utilizes standard BD transformations by default.

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