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  • FlowJo Envoy integration now allows for seamless access to data in FlowJo Envoy workflows.
  • Hotly anticipated color mapping within the graph window, to illustrate a third parameter there is now available.
  • Signal spreading matrix (SSM) now available in the Compensation Editor.
  • Keywords now import into text-boxes in the Layout Editor.
  • Search bar added to parameter selectors in the graph window.
  • Color mapped (aka "heat map statistic") parameter labeling in layouts.


This is a Mac only version of FlowJo® which includes downsampling and data reduction tools: 

  • Population comparison platforms allow selection of tSNE, LDA, and PCA parameters
  • New platforms:
    • Bivariate Difference Gating (BDG): Compare two parameter plots, such as tSNE maps, and gate on the differences.
    • List Value Gating: FCS files concatenated by FlowJo from multiple files can be sub-gated to select groups of files from similar samples.  For example: concatenate clinical specimens, and then gate on all data from only control subjects, or only female subjects, or any other criteria).
    • Mapped BDG: A combination of List Value Gating and BDG that allows you to compare and gate on differences between groups of subjects.

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