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FlowJo® can now use plugins that can perform a variety of functions, including the creation of populations, creation of derived parameters, and actions when opening or saving a workspace. The open plugin architecture of 10.2 allows access to cutting edge tools that can be integrated into your current analysis workflows, and we will be releasing developer documentation so any tool can be integrated into FlowJo®.  FlowJo v10.2 includes a set of tools for discovery including downsampling, tSNE and CellOntology. You'll find these as 'plugins' in the populations band -- each offers one-click access to powerful tools to reduce any number of parameters to two and to query a database to name unknown populations. See full release notes here!

We have released a 10.3 beta! Click here to learn more!


This is a Mac only version of FlowJo® which includes downsampling and data reduction tools: 

  • Major Speed (3x) and Memory optimizations in tSNE

  • tSNE can now be initialized from LDA or PCA parameters

  • Polychromatic 'Y by Y' plot in the Layout Editor

  • Many other fixes and improvements

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