The Future of FlowJo Licensing

A FlowJo Portal group license is a user-based license for institutions with at least five FlowJo™ Software users. 

Users get a flexible license that allows them to take FlowJo anywhere and run on up to 4 internet-connected computers of their choice, one at a time. 

Admins get the most cost effective way to license multiple users in a predictable yearly subscription and an easy-to-use management interface.

FlowJo Portal Admin Screen
Without a FlowJo Portal group license
Use stand alone licenses
Dongles can be lost or stolen
Research “lag” waiting for shared dongle
Serial Numbers only authenticate for one computer
Version upgrades are additional cost
With a FlowJo Portal group license
Flexibility to analyze data with FlowJo anytime, anywhere
Free training annually (>25 users)
Licensing through individual email accounts
No more searching for computer hardware addresses
Invite and manage users easily with an updated Admin interface
Free upgrades to newest version
Easier to predict cost
One FlowJo Portal account to access all product subscriptions

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