Unlock your scRNA seq data with SeqGeq™ v1.5. SeqGeq (seek-geek) is a desktop bioinformatics platform that makes complex scRNA seq analysis accessible with an intuitive interface.

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Discover the difference with the latest features that come with SeqGeq v1.5:

  • Introducing a Normalization Platform. Now available in the Discovery band of the Workspace, which allows researchers to run normalization across parameter-sets in data matrices.
  • Multi-Geneset Enrichment Analysis. Simply select multiple genesets and run the enrichment platform against a geneset library (GMT) of your choice.
  • Opt-SNE algorithm enabled. This means researchers won’t usually need to try and find optimal tSNE settings for their data if they use the default settings (Opt-SNE enabled). The algorithm uses KLD to find appropriate cut-offs in iterations.
  • Derived Observations of Genes used to identify genes in analytical genesets (gating in geneview) will now be included in Geneset inspector, and exports. This means that researchers can now export q-Value statistics, Fold-Changes, and more.

For more details on features in this release and a comprehensive list of known issues, visit the full release notes.

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