FlowJo™ is the leading analysis platform for single-cell flow and mass cytometry analysis. Take your data to the next level with the latest tools in FlowJo v10.

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Before FlowJo™

Just getting started with flow cytometry? Start here!

Getting Started in FlowJo™

New to FlowJo? No problem! We will walk you through getting your analysis set up in FlowJo and then analyzing your .fcs data.

Tips and Tricks in FlowJo™

Quick FlowJo tips and tricks from our experts.

QC and Organization

Our team will walk you through quality control and organization tips to help make your analysis easier.

Compensation and Unmixing

Everything about traditional compensation and spectral unmixing in one spot.

High Parameter Data Analysis

Utilize the tools in FlowJo to dive into high parameter data.

Data Analysis Platforms

FlowJo is equipped with the latest advanced data analysis platforms.

Advanced Topics

Advance your FlowJo knowledge with these advanced tutorials.

FlowJo Portal

FlowJo Portal is our user-based licensing system for FlowJo  and SeqGeq™  subscriptions.

 Not only are you able to sign in to our solutions through FlowJo Portal but you can also use it to:

  • Purchase subscriptions
  • Manage users with improved administrative tools