Privacy with FlowJo LLC 

FlowJo, LLC and its affiliates take data privacy seriously. Your Registration Data is actively provided by you. This includes account and license creation, web forms, and sales and support interactions.  Your Metadata is automatically collected by us as a byproduct of your usage of FlowJo LLC  products.

  1. What is considered personal data?

    • Personal data is data that can uniquely identify a person as opposed to another. These data can include name, email address or your hardware address as a few examples. These data points are what identifies individuals who enter into a use agreement for the access to FlowJo products. By virtue of the established business agreement, the data is stored to maintain a productive relationship with our users and does not require direct consent, although consent can be rescinded at the detriment of product access.

  2. What is considered processed data?

    • Data that is gathered from your interaction with FlowJo products is considered processed data. This term is commonly interchanged with Metadata which refers to data that is gleaned from files naming, context, and attributes. These data are what is used to better our product by understanding how it is used. These data do not require direct consent but consent can be rescinded without affect to product access.

  3. What personal data do we process about you and why?

    • Registration Data: We process your data for purposes of FlowJo product licensing, administering the license agreement, providing customer support, providing marketing materials to the extent permitted by applicable law, complying with legal obligations, and network security.

    • Data: full name, organization/institution (if applicable), country, telephone number, email address, hardware address, password

  4. What processed data do we collect about you and why?

    • Metadata: When you access FlowJo, LLC products, we will collect metadata that result from your usage.

    •  Data: IP address, Mac address (for hardware based licensing), browser type and version, operating system and interface, version of product, underlying license information, date and time of usage

  5. Why care about our processing your personal data?

    • Your personal data is necessary to enter into the license agreement with us and/or to register with and use FlowJo products as requested by you.

    • Users gain access and benefit through increases in IT and network security, customer care services, marketing, and the quality and services of our products.

    • Organizations can gain cost saving and productivity by using a Site license with many users in a single organization. These values are administered using your registration data.

    • Your consent drives improvements.

  6. What happens if you choose not to provide it?

    • Declining to provide your personal data will prevent you from being able to use FlowJo products.

  7. Who do we transfer your personal data to and where are they located?

    • Your personal data will be processed and used by the Company located in the USA on a need to know basis.

    • Our parent entity, Becton, Dickinson and Company, in the USA and each of its affiliates and subsidiaries may receive your personal data in aggregated form as necessary for business trends and marketing analysis

    • Certain third party service providers, whether affiliated or unaffiliated, may receive your personal data to process such data under appropriate instructions for purchasing license access to products. This may be required when processing a credit card purchase through a third party service.

    • We will NOT disclose your personal data to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes or for any other purposes without permission.

  8. How long do we keep your personal data?

    • Your personal data will be retained for the term of the license agreement and/or your registration with FlowJo as necessary to provide you with access to FlowJo products and services.

    • We will retain your personal data until your request for deletion, at which point, it will be deleted within the legally required time. To meet our obligation(s), we may need to restrict further access to products and/or suspend processing of your personal data by removing your personal data and access from our productive systems.

    • We will retain your personal data until your request for deletion, at which point, metadata will be anonymized for future statistical and reporting purposes.

  9. What rights do you have and how can you assert your rights?

    • Right to withdraw your consent 

    • Right to request access to your personal data

    • Right to request rectification of your personal data

    • Right to request erasure of your personal data

    • Right to request restriction of processing of your personal data

    • Right to request data portability

    • Right to object to the processing of your Metadata

    • The European Economic Area (EEA) requires through the General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) the right to manage your Personal and Processed data. FlowJo LLC agrees with this universal right and extends it to all its users.

  10. How do I contact FlowJo for more information and submit questions?

    • Submit request via email to our sales department with your Name, Question or specific Data Intent, and Email Address used with FlowJo Portal.

    • Specific exercise of rights can be found in detailed form at our website