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SeqGeq™ (seek-geek) is a desktop bioinformatics platform that makes complex scRNA seq analysis accessible with an intuitive interface. SeqGeq lets you control your analysis—no more writing R scripts to visualize your data—and easily share your results for publication and collaboration.

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Import and analyze any gene expression data or list of genes and share your entire analysis with a single zip file (GeqZip analysis). Explore, visualize, and shape your next-gen sequencing data with interactive graphs that are designed to help you focus on the insights that matter most.

Features & Benefits

Single-cell sequencing with next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology.

Use statistic heat mapping on individual cells, summary heatmaps, and drag-and-drop report editors.

Discover populations and their relationships.

Examine and create gene sets.

See the whole transcriptome analysis.


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