Featured User: Dr. Muki Shey

Dr. Muki Shey is an infectious disease immunologist whose experience in tuberculosis TB (and HIV) clinical research span both industry and academic fields. A senior researcher, mentor, and community leader who champions the prevention and treatment of infectious disease as well as uplifting his fellow scientists.

With a primary research area in the prevention of infection including vaccination, Dr. Shey has contributed to several research projects on TB and HIV in healthy people without any infections, people with latent TB infection, HIV infection, active TB disease and HIV-associated TB, investigating the involvement of several immune cells as well as how genetic polymorphisms influence immune responses in these groups of individuals. His experience includes several immunological techniques such as multiparameter flow cytometry with FlowJo analysis, multiplex Luminex assays, ELISAs, and RT-PCR.

Image courtesy of Dr. Muki Shey

Currently Dr. Shey serves as a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellow in Public Health and Tropical Medicine and a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Medicine at the University of Cape Town, and supervises PhD and Masters students in clinical research, as well as mentoring high school students who are seeking to pursue scientific research at higher-level institutions.

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Image courtesy of Dr. Muki Shey

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Feb 04, 2020