Flow Cytometry

  • Why you should PluginPlay

    We love the extensibility of having plugins in FlowJo. It’s our belief that no one team can build all the tools needed to analyze the full breadth of data produced through the myriad of single cell assays, so collaborating with the other bioinformatics groups in the flow community is paramount to achieving our goal of improving human health. Collaborating has frequently meant finding a way to run within FlowJo an R-script developed by a brilliant data scientist, which entails making FlowJo, R, and the operating system play nicely together. This cozy relationship must then be maintained through updates to any one of the three. We understand this can be a challenging task, especially for those of you working in more regulated environments. This is why we’ve developed the FlowJo PluginPlay Bundle, a bundle of FlowJo plugins that will manage everything related to installation for you and allow you to focus on the science.

    Feb 15, 2022   |   Flow Cytometry

  • Spilling on AutoSpill and AutoSpread

    Compensation has long been one of the most perplexing aspects of cytometry, with the most critical requirement being pristine compensation controls for each and every parameter in an experiment. With our industry seeing consistent exponential growth in the number of parameters collected per experiment, there has been a corresponding exponential rise in the effort required to create appropriate compensation. AutoSpill makes cytometry easier by relaxing the need for perfect controls and eliminating many of the steps needed for processing those controls.

    Jun 10, 2021   |   Flow Cytometry

  • Suppressive T cells, Take 2

    A brief history of regulatory T cells For some, this may be an old story – an anecdote for trusting the data. For others, you may not know the entire story, or you may have simply wondered to yourself: “If Treg suppress the immune system, why not simply call them Tsup?”

    Apr 24, 2020   |   Flow Cytometry