Apple’s latest macOS (version 10.15 Catalina) was recently released. There are two issues relating to FlowJo we are aware of:

1. On Catalina, dongles are not authorizing FlowJo v10 when launched from the application icon. Update to the latest release of FlowJo v10.6.2 to solve this issue.

2. As communicated previously, FlowJo v9 will not run on macOS 10.15 Catalina.
FlowJo v9 is a 32-bit application, and is not supported by Catalina. We remind FlowJo v9 users to maintain macOS 10.14 Mojave or earlier in order to retain access this legacy version.

 If you want to use FlowJo on Catalina and have a license for FlowJo v9, that same license will work for FlowJo v10 using the above workaround for dongles. Visit the FlowJo Downloads page to learn more and get FlowJo v10. Contact us for a demo or for additional help.